frog farm fair

day 1…

buy tickets here!

day 2…

Saturday June 17

from 11am to 5pm

at Life World

149 12th Street

Brooklyn, NY


in Gowanus. off of

the G, F, R trains.

tablers in alphabetical order…

click on names to see their websites and work…

a chan

andrew alexander/cram books

alexander laird

angela fanche

at pratt

austin macdonald

beatrix urkowitz

austin english/domino books

george olsen/clamp

g davis cathcart

cold cube press

grayson bear

jack lloyd

heather loase

jane demarest

katie lane

john grund

lillian ansell

maddie fischer

kade mcclements

max huffman

panayiotis terzis/mega press

olea kim

nadia kossman

reptile house comix

paradise systems

syd madia

william banks of carworld

zach hazard vaupen

8ball tooth gems

Hello, if you’ve scrolled this far… I’m here to tell you that the FROG FARM FAIR weekend was a big success!!

Thanks for coming if you did, and if you didn’t…well…we will have more. Make sure to come to those!

Here are some pics from the weekend to give you fomo…


the friday show…

frogghoul appears!





frogghoul says

they have a

comic to read!




clara introducing

her film!

end of the show!

FROG FARM FAIR on saturday!

Made on mmm